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Stanza Artigiana

Sustainable and Ethical Vegan Matches - Extra long

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Vegan-Friendly Matches

Did you know that most matches contain animal fat? Most conventional matches contain animal fat on the top to help them burn. But at STANZA Artigiana, we are proud to offer vegan matches that are completely free of any animal products. After extensive research, we found a small supplier that makes matches in a traditional way without any animal ingredients. So, our matches are 100% vegan-friendly and perfect for anyone looking for an ethical and sustainable lighting solution.

Sustainably Created Matches

Our vegan matches are not only animal-friendly, but they are also sustainably made. The wood used for the matches is locally sourced from a farm close to the producer. This ensures that the matches are not only eco-friendly, but also support the local community.

Extra Long Dimensions

Our vegan-friendly matches are 7 inches long (18cm), which makes them perfect for use with container candles. They are specially designed to burn all the way to the bottom, providing an extra-long burn time.

What's Included?

Each order includes 50 extra-long vegan matches, 1 strike paper, and 1 cotton bag for easy storage and transport.

Experience the difference with STANZA Artigiana's vegan-friendly, extra-long matches. Buy now and light up your candles in an ethical and sustainable way!


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