Candle making Workshops

Welcome to STANZA Artigiana – your gateway to the captivating world of candle making! Since 2019, we've been empowering individuals of all ages to craft stunning candles while embracing sustainable values.

🕯️ **Discover the Art: Workshops Tailored for You**

Unleash your creativity in our expertly curated workshops, blending craftsmanship with sustainability. Join us to create candles that illuminate spaces and contribute to a greener future.

🌱 **Sustainable Values: Crafting with Purpose**

Our workshops go beyond candle making; they emphasize eco-friendly choices, ensuring your creations light up both spaces and the environment.

🏠 **In-Store & On-the-Go: Where Creativity Knows No Bounds**

In 2024, we introduced in-store classes for small groups of three or more, perfect for intimate gatherings. For larger groups, our workshops are held in various locations, including Clockwise Wood Green (up to 12 people) and Blue House Yard (up to 15 people).

🌈 Children's Candle Making Classes: Sparking Creativity from a Young Age

Explore our popular children's candle making classes, designed to nurture creativity in a fun and safe environment for the next generation.

📅 **Upcoming Classes: Your Journey Awaits**

View our upcoming classes and embark on a creative journey. Can't find the perfect fit? 📞 [Contact Us] for personalized assistance.

Join STANZA Artigiana – where every candle tells a story, and every workshop is a celebration of creativity!