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  • Home diffuser - recycled glass and wooden reeds - Ischia - STANZA Artigiana
  • Home diffuser - recycled glass and wooden reeds - Ischia - STANZA Artigiana
  • Home diffuser - recycled glass and wooden reeds - Ischia - STANZA Artigiana
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Stanza Artigiana

Reed diffuser - Ischia - STANZA Artigiana

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Introducing the STANZA Artigiana Ischia Reed Diffuser, a luxurious and long-lasting home fragrance solution that will create a relaxing ambiance in your home. Made in Italy with the highest quality ingredients, this 170ml diffuser is packaged in a beautiful 100% recycled glass vessel and comes with the option of long or short reeds, giving you the flexibility to choose the intensity of the scent.

The Ischia scent is a tranquil blend of pomegranate, cedarwood, and vanilla that will transport you to a state of relaxation and peace. Top notes of juicy pomegranate and tangy citrus are balanced by the woody and earthy notes of cedarwood, while the rich and warm vanilla creates a comfortable and inviting base.

The Ischia Reed Diffuser is designed to provide a long-lasting and constant fragrance experience, making it the perfect addition to any room in your home. Whether you're looking to unwind in your bedroom or create a relaxing atmosphere in your living room, the Ischia scent is sure to help you achieve a state of tranquility and peace.

Invest in this Italian-made reed diffuser today and enjoy the long-lasting and captivating Ischia scent for many months to come. With its relaxing fragrance and stunning recycled glass vessel, the STANZA Artigiana Ischia Reed Diffuser is a beautiful and effective way to bring a touch of luxury and peace to your home.

How Long Do Reed Diffusers Last?

Reed diffusers are made by combining fragrant oil solution and a base oil. The scented oil is absorbed by the reeds, which release the scent through capillary action. The longevity of the fragrance varies based on the quality of the oil used, the type of base oil, and the environment in which the diffuser is placed. Direct sunlight or heat sources can cause the oil to evaporate more quickly, reducing the scent's duration. The number of reeds used also affects the strength and longevity of the fragrance. In general, a commercial reed diffuser will last 4-8 weeks, but high-quality oils and bases can extend the fragrance's life. Our diffusers last For more info please check our blog

How long STANZA Artigiana Diffusers Last?

Our diffusers are designed to last longer than average, with some scents lasting up to 12 months. This is due to our use of very high concentrations of the best quality scented oil, which ensures a longer-lasting fragrance. We guarantee that our diffusers last longer than others, with a minimum lifespan of 4 months. Choose our diffusers for a long-lasting and intense fragrance experience.

Long or short reeds?

You can choose the reed length to decide the volume of scent you prefer. Long reeds give more volume (higher intensity) but shorter lasting time. Short reeds give less volume but the diffuser will last longer. In general, long reeds are good for big rooms where short reeds are more recommended in small rooms like toilets.

100% handmade with love in UK

100% Vegan friendly

100% recycled glass

100% natural reeds

100% reusable and refillable


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