Welcome to STANZA Artigiana - Our Blog Begins! - STANZA Artigiana

Welcome to STANZA Artigiana - Our Blog Begins!


Hello everyone. We’re so excited to welcome you to STANZA Artigiana and to get going with our new blog section. We’ve only recently gotten started, and we wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about who we are, why we love making our products and what type of things we want to accomplish in the future.


Obviously, as we’re new to blogging, this is just going to be an informal chat. We’re not too fussed about being overly formal or particularly sales today - we just want to talk to you about our mission. After all, we’re putting our passion into everything we do - including blogging.

Products Made With Love


When it comes to the kinds of products that we make, it’s important you understand that we make them with love. We are just like any other small business in the sense that we want to share our passion with as many people as possible.


Of course, that’s not to say that everything we talk about here will be about us. However, what you do need to know about us is that we make everything with love. We’ve spent a lot of time designing products that we feel showcase our love and commitment to what we do.


We think that you need to infuse a little bit of what you do with passion. It needs to be something that people can really pick up on when they purchase a product from you and take a look at what’s inside. When the box is opened up, and the item they’ve bought is sitting there, we think that people need to be able to see the love and time that you’ve put into making it.


Really we’re going for that sustainable, homemade type of vibe that everyone loves these days. It’s all the rage, and we can see why - who doesn’t want something unique? That’s our goal - to make an item you’ll love to have on a shelf or table that you’ll rave about to your friends when they come around.

Our Blogging Goals


So let’s talk blogging for a sec - what do we want to achieve with this?


Well, our blog space is going to be a one-stop shop for all your news and inspiration. Of course, we’ll chat about some of the products we’ve put out - the odd product launch or deal.


However, we’ll also be talking about brands and products that inspire us. We’ve got a lot of inspirations to draw from - nearly all of us have mood boards in the office. We’ve all got that special something that got us into designing products, and it’s important to bring that to what we create.


So, that’s us. We can’t wait to keep you posted on what’s going on and share all of our secrets with you - there’s a lot to talk about. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re all about, and our passion for what we do will be clear.


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