Book signing event with the famous Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo at STANZA Artigiana - London - December 2023 - STANZA Artigiana

Book signing event with the famous Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo at STANZA Artigiana - London - December 2023

Step into a world where culinary mastery meets unique craftsmanship. On December 9th, STANZA Artigiana in Wood Green, London, becomes the stage for an intimate book signing event featuring the legendary Gennaro Contaldo. Beyond the allure of his latest book, "Gennaro's Cucina Rustica" this occasion unfolds as a celebration of cherished bonds and a commitment to supporting small businesses, particularly those hailing from Contaldo's homeland. This celebration of Italian cuisine promises insights into Contaldo's gastronomic journey, including his collaboration with Jamie Oliver and the popular television series, "Two Greedy Italians"

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A Taste of Home: Supporting Small Businesses

Gennaro Contaldo's dedication to his homeland transcends the culinary world. It's a commitment to uplifting small businesses, like STANZA Artigiana, founded by Danilo and Marina both, from the Amalfi coast. The boutique's curated collection of Italian-style homeware and fragrances reflects a shared vision of bringing the essence of Italy to London. Gennaro, with his global influence, aims to shine a spotlight on the craftsmanship and artistry of these small businesses, showcasing the richness of his heritage.

Beyond the Kitchen: Gennaro's Philanthropic Culinary Vision

As Gennaro Contaldo takes centre stage at STANZA Artigiana, it's not just about talking about the flavours of his culinary creations. It's a holistic experience, an opportunity to connect with the chef on a personal level. Attendees will witness firsthand Gennaro's passion for supporting small businesses and hear the stories behind the recipes that people love so much.

Event Highlights: What to Anticipate

  1. Friendship in Focus: Join Gennaro and Danilo in an engaging conversation, exploring the roots of their shared commitment to preserving Italian heritage.

  2. Book Signing and Beyond: Immerse yourself in the pages of "Gennaro's Cucina Rustica" and understand the personal narratives that inspired its creation.

  3. Small Business Spotlight: Discover the exquisite Italian-style homeware and home fragrances at STANZA Artigiana, a testament to Gennaro's mission of supporting and promoting small businesses from Italy. 

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