how to watch Sanremo 2024

How watch Sanremo 2024 Live in the UK with STANZA Artigiana

STANZA Artigiana, the embodiment of Italian elegance in the heart of London, invites you to tune into the magic of Sanremo 2024. In this guide, we'll show you where and how to watch this iconic festival live, bringing the soulful melodies of Italy to your screen.

### The Fusion of Italian Craftsmanship and London Spirit:

STANZA Artigiana seamlessly blends authentic Italian craftsmanship with the cosmopolitan energy of London, creating a cultural bridge that transcends borders. Sanremo 2024 is a perfect opportunity to experience this fusion, as we bring you the best of Italian music right to your doorstep.

### Sanremo 2024 Kick-off:

Commencing on the 6th of February, Sanremo 2024 has already dazzled audiences with stellar performances by artists like Annalisa, Loredana Bertè, Marco Mengoni, Il Volo, Renga, Nek and many others. The festival promises a spectacular showcase of artistry and emotion that you won't want to miss.

### Where and How to Watch:

For those in the UK, experiencing Sanremo 2024 is just a click away. Follow the link to RaiPlay, the official streaming platform for Rai 1. Immerse yourself in the live broadcast and witness the musical brilliance unfold in real-time.

### Stay Updated with STANZA Artigiana:

For exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes moments, and more, follow STANZA Artigiana on Instagram Join our community as we share the beauty of Sanremo 2024 and showcase the seamless blend of Italian and London aesthetics.

### Conclusion:

STANZA Artigiana invites you to savor the beauty of Sanremo 2024, right from the comfort of your home in the UK. Whether you're a fan of Annalisa, Loredana Bertè, or Marco Mengoni, let the melodies of Sanremo resonate with you, creating a tapestry of cultural richness and elegance. Follow our guide, and let the spirit of STANZA Artigiana and Sanremo 2024 transport you to the heart of Italian musical brilliance.

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